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At Taameer, we make your money work for you. We have attractive investment schemes for individuals, companies and banks with attractive rates of interest on term deposits. Get a better return through our different baskets of investment options, created specially for you. Come to us, sit back and relax, and watch your money grow. Be a part of the Taameer family of happy investors.

Taameer homes are distinctly different. Right from the flooring to the fixtures, we give attention to the minutest details and offer our customers a high standard of gracious living. That’s because you deserve the best in life and a lifestyle that you aspire for. Another special feature is that our unique home layouts give you the space to be creative and transform your house to a home. At Taameer, we take away all your hassles. Having expert knowledge in real estate, we can guide you in buying new properties and help you in selling your existing properties. Our wide contacts help us to get the best deals for you in real estate, so you are a clear winner.

Asset Management

Managing for you.

Over the years we have built a solid experience and expertise in various investment products, our knowledge of local market complication will contribute positively to your return on your investment. Our team of experts will take care to mitigate all risk factors to give you peace of mind toward your investment.

Hotels & Resorts

International class of Hotels & Resorts.

At Taameer Investment, we develop international class ‘lifestyle’ hotels and resorts. Innovative in design with state-of-the-art facilities, managed by international hotel chains that provide the highest levels of hospitality, service and business conveniences.

Facility Management.

Service that counts

Your property means a lot to you. Taameer Investment understands your need and provides utmost care in facility management. Our team of experts will keep your facilities in good shape and offer maximum value day after day. Whether it is residential, offices, shopping mall, school, hospital, or industrial property our facility management team will secure the best value for your assets and high quality maintenance and good care of all people using the facility taking away your hassles of day-to-day management. Our facility management cover the following service, including: Monitoring organization efficiency of personnel, machines, supplies, work in progress, finished products, and deliveries.

Ensuring that the business receives the most it can for its facility-related expenditures Real estate procurement, leasing, disposal, facility construction and renovation Monitoring all aspects of facility maintenance and upkeep so that the business can operate at highest capacity. Tracking and responding to environmental, health, safety, and security issues. Ensuring facility compliance with relevant codes and regulations Anticipating future facility needs for your building Educating the community about all manner of standards and procedures and how to act in event of a disaster.

Commercial BuildingsOffice space (smart buildings)

At Taameer Investment, we believe that flexibility is the key to functionality. We design spacious offices that suit your company activities. Furthermore, all our office building are supported with state-of-the-art communication systems, welcoming reception, round-the-clock security and prompt maintenance facilities ensuring best value of service for you.

Residential BuildingsHomes designed with comfort

Taameer Investment homes are distinctly different right from the flooring to the fixtures. We give attention to details and offer our customers a high standard of gracious living. That is because you deserve the best in life and a lifestyle that you aspire for.

Logistics & WarehousesStorage space for every need

At Taameer Investment, we have warehouses on a vast expanse of land in Ghala industrial area that offer convenient storage facilities for your company where your goods can stay safe over a long period of time with adequate care and security. We can also help you in planning the right number and location of warehouses for your distribution operations, assuring that you obtain the most cost-effective services available.

Shopping Malls

The delight of shopping

At Taameer Investment, we design shopping malls a little differently with lots of attractions and added amenities. Open from early morning till late at night, our shopping malls offer the best in fashion, lifestyle products, jewellery, telecommunication gadgets and a lot more.

Our shopping malls are also different with backend offices and adequate parking space. If you are interested to book a prime space in our future mall projects Kindly fill in our online Tenant Request Form.

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Business Center

Business Center

Jasmine Complex is located in the heart of business district in Muscat, known as AL Khuwair where surrounded by Hotels, Ministries, Embassies, Consulates and government affiliated companies as well as shopping malls. Jasmine Complex is located in the excellent accessible location in Muscat. Those location make you possible to register your company’s address in A-class building in prime location.

Smooth work environment that provides you with a series of several services and facilities to accomplish your business and your projects in a short time and with minimal investment and an integrated office services under one roof.

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